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Ideas For Bachelor Party Games For A Guys Weekend

January 164 min read


Want to take that stag party beyond boring and mundane?

Are you the best man and have been given the responsibility of planning the bachelor party? This may have been much to your dismay and horror. Why you when you have never even attended a bachelor party, much less planned one? It has been a long time tradition for this task to be given to the the groomsman. Also known as a stag party, it can be a quick one hour celebration after work or can involve a trip overseas. The current trend in bachelor parties is for a weekend trip to a fun destination or staying in Raleigh. This will involve a bit of planning, as you will have to come up with ways to keep everyone amused and. most of all find activities that at the groom will enjoy since it's all about him. This is all much easier to go about when you remember this important point. Guys are basically kids at heart; even more so when they get together. How do you keep a bunch of kids entertained? Get everyone involved in a game! I'm not talking about diving straight into beer pong; you can't spend the entire weekend wasted. We have compiled a list of bachelor party games that you can play with your friends.

Play Team Sports

As long as the weather cooperates, what could be more natural than getting the guests together for a game of football or basketball? A case can be made for considering horseshoes and corn hole to be team sports as well. It's always fun to play a round of bocce or throw a frisbee and a great way to get everyone involved in a bachelor party game.

Scavenger Hunt or Challenge

You can be as creative as you want, or just search for pre made bachelor party challenges online. You may consider the scavenger hunt to be more suited to the bride for bachelorette games. What guy could resist a Zombie scavenger hunt? It's easy to go to the website and sign up for and begins on East Edenton St in downtown Raleigh. Can you survive the Zombie apocalypse?

Card Games

I'm not saying you have to gamble the day away, but Cards Against Humanity or some variation can give everyone the opportunity to feel evil instead of doing wrong. New variations like Bad People or You've Got Problems will work of your gang has already done the CAH thing to death.

Low Tech Games

You don't need a board game or a deck of cards in order to have fun. Have everyone write down on a piece of paper what the bachelor won't be able to do ever again after he gets married. For example; get a lap dance. say "I'd hit that", stay out all night, leave up the toliet seat, that sort of thing. Pick a guy to read out loud random slips and let the groom figure out who wrote it.

Verbal Games & Competitions

Throwing a roast for the groom would be a hilarious way to celebrate the bachelor with his closest buddies. If you don't think he would get a kick out of being roasted then you can organize a funny story contest; winner would be who could tell the most humorous and embarrassing story about the groom. This is a great icebreaker if many of the guests have never met.

Escape Room

Who knew that one day not only would everyone want to be trapped inside a maze but would get the opportunity to do so. When looking for bachelor party games don't overlook this great activity for groups. Escape from a maze and technology when your group puts down their cellphones and completes this team building exercise in fun. There are roughly 7 different escape rooms in Raleigh and even more in the outer lying areas like Durham - NC Escape has an alien theme room! - Cary and Morrisville, so you will be sure to find a good one near you.

Bachelor Party Games Make Planning Easy

Some guys want to plan their bachelor party around a night of drinking. Another groom may prefer to stay out of the bar and keep it low key. This kind of event may be harder to plan than the wedding. Don't be discouraged; you don't have to start every shindig with beer pong or drinking games; nor do you have to be a creative person. You don't even have to fall back to the time honored bachelor party games performed by a Raleigh stripper, although there's nothing wrong with doing so! Think about a favorite activity of the groom and make sure you set up things that will reflect his interests. Keep in mind if he enjoys being the center of attention or is more introverted. Bachelor party games are the perfect activity for a guys weekend. Most guys are competitive and nearly all love to play, so organizing a game is a fun way for everyone to bond and enjoy their time.