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The Secrets To Throwing A Budget Bachelor Party in Raleigh

April 182 min read

Secrets of throwing a Raleigh bachelor party on a budget

The first commandment of any party held in Raleigh is to start with a budget. Some grooms and their friends have piles of money to throw around want to plan a blowout weekend. Flying everyone into Las Vegas to drop wads of cash into the casinos or updating your passports and heading down to Panama is perfect for the rich and famous. But what if you and your friends in Raleigh have yet to become a member of the one percent? Why go out of town to some tourist trap when have got so much to do locally. It's not necessary to be a high roller buying expensive drinks at overpriced clubs to have a good time in the Research Triangle. You don't even have to leave your Raleigh area location. If. you want to head outside of the city to the suburbs you will find things to do throughout the day. We have compiled some fun ideas that the groom will approve and will take your Raleigh NC bachelor party to the next level.

The Top Low Budget Raleigh Area Activities

Visit An Arcade

How about a combination arcade, laser tag, bumper cars and bowling alley to please every guest. Stars and Strikes is the perfect establishment to appeal to all kinds of men. It's not just for the younger set; they offer a late night bowler's choice with discounted bowling games. There's even a bar to get a beer and the place is known for being easy on your wallet. Is your bachelor party gang more flush with cash and are ready for arcade 2.0? The Augmentality Virtual Reality Arcade location at in Durham will give you 30 minutes of cheap virtual reality thrills for $20 bucks. Discounted group rates available for larger parties so everyone can get in on the fun.

Paintball Battles

Journey back to the days of your youth, playing army with your neighborhood pals with an massive paintwar. This activity is one done best as a group, and the more guys you have the crazier the action will be. This scenario will make for the perfect Raleigh, NC bachelor party activity. You need to look for a local company that will cater to parties and events. Gotcha Paintballin northeast Raleigh offers group passes; the more people playing the lower the rates, plus the more monumental the battle.

Raleigh Greenway Trails

Take A Hike

Of all the popular outdoor activities available in the Triangle the easiest and cheapest bachelor party idea would be checking out one of the many public parks and greenways. Available to explore are more than 100 miles of paved greenway in the greater Raleigh area and they are all absolutely free to explore. Runners and cyclists can travel the Capital Area Greenway and connect to the William B. Umstead State Park for more trails to explore. Lots of good hiking at Falls Lake Dam in Wake Forest, NC and at Eno Quarry just outside of Durham, NC.

CAM Raleigh

Visit A Museum

The North Carolina Museum of Art is always a great idea to kill a few hours and best of all it's free. Another free museum for the art fan is CAM Raleigh. the contempory art museum.The Raleigh Fire Museum is also free, albeit once a month. While it's totally cool, the best part is the antique fire trucks stored at fire station 28. There's a Harley drag racing museum in downtown Raleigh that any biker or speed freak will have a great time. Sports fans will enjoy the Duke Basketball Museum and the neighboring Athletics Hall of Fame and it won't cost you a dime to check out the facilities. While not free, 30 minutes outside of Raleigh in New Hill is the New Hope Valley Railway in which you can ride a real locomotive and then view old vintage trains at the NC Railway Museum. A unique activity that many guys would find to be great fun.

Did I Hear Free Beer?

What's better than the Friday special at the pub? How about beer on the house? The entire Research Triangle is the hot new craft beer destination in North Carolina. You can check out the definitive list of cheap area brewery tours and get an idea of how much per person and when they hold the touring events. Some of the tours listed as free are in nearby towns like Cary, Pittsboro and Holly Springs, NC. Others are from $5-15 a person. Check before going to the location what the charge is for that night if the price is important to you. Don't forget to support these local business's and bring home some liquid souvenirs to drink. Either way you will get to see how they make beer and sample great brews; the perfect bachelor party experience at any budget.

Low Budget Raleigh Bachelor Party Options Abound

Life comes at you fast and demands a lot of money just so you can exist. While a bachelor party high on the hog is something that we can all dream of, in the end we have to make do with our budget limits. Just how much money do you want to spend on planning? Throwing around wads of cash at some trendy hotel and expensive overseas is for your dad. Don't let being broke stop you from having the best bachelor party; Raleigh is full of fun ideas that won't bleed your bank account and the guests will like.